Freelance producer, creative project manager & 360 communication consultant.


I am a freelance project manager working for many years in all kind of domains : web, interactivity, film & motion, event, art direction and global communication.

I’m specialized in interactive and immersive experiences. My main objective is to put together every team member efforts. Each project is a story, an invitation to a creative journey.

From mobile apps to AR interactive web experience, or culinary design events, I’m here to help you bringing your ideas to life.

I manage your teams, organize and conduct your project from scratch to delivery. I adapt myself to your needs - short or long term : executive project manager, conducting projects entirely or promptly as a consultant to assist you and your workflow.

Flexible and easy-going, I can step in during the process or be here from the beginning. For a day, a week, a month, a project time, remotely, on the field or in house.

If you would like to talk about a project you have in mind, and how I could bring my experience and skills - please feel free to contact me at contact@emmaguerchon.com



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